011- Utilizing skills to earn money for children & family. - sujanmap
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Sadekunnahar (26), Two daughters- Asmotara Bibi (4) and Mobashera Bibi (18 months)
Sadekunnahar is a mother of two children under the age of five. She used to support her husband by earning daily at her home in Myanmar by sewing clothes for women and girls. Military attack on her village forced her to flee to Bangladesh. Recently she bought a sewing machine with the money she borrowed from her neighbours at Rohingya refugee makeshift settlement in Burmapara. She wants to utilize her skills to earn money for her children.
Sadekunnahar and her husband need access to family planning. They have no idea about it since they never had access to the services in Myanmar. Although they have two young children, Sadekunnahar is pregnant again. They are planning to have five children.
Photo: UNICEF/b.a.sujaN /Map

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